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......@@ -5,22 +5,21 @@
* @license MIT
* Class extending the native HTMLElement. To reduce redundant code it
* provides methods often used while creating custom elements. If
* possible your own custom elements should inherit from this class.
export class HTMLCustomElement extends HTMLElement {
* This interface class extends the native `HTMLElement` interface and
* provides some additional, often used methods.
constructor() {
this._observers = [];
* This method is an extension of the nativ getElementById() JS
* function but works asynchroneous.
* equivalent of native getElementById, but works asynchroneous and
* returns a Promise which resolves when the requested element is
* aviable.
* @param {string} id - id of DOM element waiting for
* @return {Promise<Node>} - A Promise to the requested Element
......@@ -40,9 +39,9 @@ export class HTMLCustomElement extends HTMLElement {
* This method offers an easy way to bind a mutationObserver to an
* element. Every time an attribute of Node changes, function fn
* gets called.
* Like an event listener but for attributes. It observes an
* elements attribute for changes and invokes a pre defined callback
* function. For this native js MutationObservers are used.
* @param {HTMLNode} Node - reference to the HTML Node
* @param {string} Attr - attribute name to observe
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